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Hempifarm has been the Netherlands leading online raw organic hemp flowers shop since our humble beginning in 2017. We are determined to provide the best CBD Flowers, isolates and oil.

All of our raw hemp products are made from processed European hemp strains grown for fibre under licence within the European Economic Area and are imported legally. They contain less than 0.2% THC required by European law and are non-psychoactive and will not get you ‘high’. Under European law the trade of hemp is protected and does not exclude any part of the hemp plant. Community law precludes any European member state from applying national legislation which, contrary to regulation No. 1782/2003, has the effect of prohibiting the possession of raw organic hemp flowers grown for fibre.

Brian Smith
Founder and CEO

Brian Smith is Founder and CEO of Hempifarm. He can look back on more than 20 years of experience in the hemp business.

Brian, as a skilled banker, deepened his economic knowledge through studies at Green Bay University in Wisconsin (USA) and Duesseldorf (GER). 

In 2001 Brian Smith founded Hempifarm, to push on the development of hemp products and to realize his vision, the successful combination of ecology and economics.

Meanwhile, hempifarm. is producer and distributor of hemp-raw material (hemp flowers, hulled nuts, oil, isolates) Through the consistent implementation of a strategy centered on product quality, Hempifarm has succeeded in becoming one of the biggest players in the European hemp business.


Tatiana Mill
Senior Consultant

Tatiana Mill is acting as Senior Consultant for Hempifarm since 2016. As a qualified management assistant she gained experience in business life and the international hemp market at Hempro International GmbH & Co.KG during her 10 years at the job. At Hempro Int. she is responsible for the marketing department and is also involved in the product management. Due to her long-standing experience in the hemp industry she can give you advice to all topics concerning brand naming as well as product positioning and marketing.

Anthonie Robles
Financial manager

Anthonie Robles joined the Hempifarm team in March 2018. He has an MBA with focus on organization and communication and is a specialist in controlling, research, market and data analysis as well as process optimization. He gained valuable experience in these areas during his 15 years of successful employment for Siemens AG. In addition, Mr. Anthonie is responsible for all matters relating to financing and cost estimating.


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Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Hoosier Paul 08/03/2020

The cbd flower i have gotten from here is always amazing and always very consistent.

Robert 08/17/2020

Hempifarm delivered my order very fast and their products are excellent quality.

Ryan 08/11/2020

Very fast shipping. Excellent service. And amazing cbd/cbg I’ve ever received

Anon 08/13/2020

I really enjoyed my first order

Noel Murphy 08/15/2020

What a great company. Customer service is excellent. Shipping is excellent.

Alex Mendoza 08/16/2020

I honestly wasn't expecting much cause all the things I read on Reddit, but I am glad that I ignored it. I liked the sticky Hawaiian Haze and the Berry Exotic. The Berry Wine that they gave me, I decarboxylated and stored in a jar. All i need is just a little pinch off a nug and a little bit of decarbed Cinex bud and I'm in a better place let's just say 😁 well it's true haha

Sean 08/17/2020

I’m never a guy and leaves reviews but get I needed to for this.... my third order with them and it’s always amazing

Dillon Mann 08/16/2020

I have never had a bad experience with Hempifarm. I can see why they won the Hemp Cup. They have some of the best prices and quality flower on the market. I find myself checking their site for sales a lot. They have fantastic deals

Stephan lucas 08/17/2020

I have received my product! I am very happy with the smell and the amount of weed! It looks great. It took me a while to find a company like hempifarm, i will recommend this company to anyone

james 08/11/2020

We've been using HF Wholesale for nearly a year now and so far everything's been going good, keep up the good work.