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BubbleGum Special Reserve (INDOOR) – A well balanced sativa-dominant hybrid consisting of 60% Sativa genetics and 40% Indica genetics. This indoor version offers high levels of CBD with small amounts of THC. The balanced nature of BubbleGum results in a comfortable feeling, consisting of a cerebral sensation that is augmented by a relaxing and gentle body effect. The Indica elements of this smoke induce a very calming effect. This strain can assist with sleep when used at the right time. The sativa aspects of the feeling derived from Bubble Gum can invoke a feeling that is mildly uplifting, thought provoking and quite meditative.

Density: Medium 

Primary Terpenes:  Beta-Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Alpha-Bisabolol, Guaiol

Primary Aromas:  BubbleGum, Berries, mild Earthy undertone

Smell Profile: Sugary sweet and fruity with notable berry and mild earthy undertones. Smell is present immediately upon opening the container. Pinch the buds to reveal the BubbleGum scent. Slight haze finish.

Taste Profile: Dry hit the blunt to reveal a beautiful Bubble Gum flavor. The flavor is defined by tones of bubblegum, fresh berries, sugary-sweetness, and very mild earthy undertones.The smoke is smooth with little throat grab and presents a delectable sweet taste. The exhale provides an original bubblegum flavor that will have you licking your lips and reminiscing on your youth.

Preferred Time of Use: Daytime / Afternoon

Phenotype: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Total Cannabinoids Analyzed – 18.6%

Total CBD – 15.4%

 THC (Delta9) – 0.04%

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2 reviews for Bubble Gum
  1. Smith

    I ordered this strain 3 days ago, just arrived, thank you guys quality looks good

  2. Jude A.

    Took 5 days for package to arrive instead of 3. I will recommend for good quality but don’t always expect your package to arrive in 3 days.

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