Our company’s goal is to provide the best strains of CBD flowers, at the best price! All this is possible thanks to multiple structures and the acquisition of a vast area of land. In this way we are able to offer the best products at the lowest price possible, while not compromising the quality of the product.

Every strain is tested, analyzed and has been tried by our experts to guarantee you always the quality of the product. We select the highest CBD percentages possible, while respecting the THC limits imposed by the law.

All of our strains are grown naturally, without any pesticides or any additives; to produce always a quality product respecting our fundamental values.

All the strains we sell are regularly tested in a Laboratory, with the purpose of giving you the exact percentages of CBD and THC and to satisfy the THC levels set by the law.

For each order we guarantee you a quick delivery right to your doorstep! Every strain will be delivered already packaged in the bags ready to be sold.